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  • 351K worksite employees

  • Integrated platform

  • Auto-Import Expenses

Pros & Cons

  • Straightforward setup
  • Consistent fees
  • Wide range of integrations
  • Can be accessed even on the go
  • Learning curve upon setup

Plans & Pricing

Since TriNet was not designed for payroll services alone, they do not have any fixed pricing structure, neither do they publish their pricing online. You need to contact them for a DEMO, after which you’ll receive a quote for your business.

To calculate your quote, they consider the nature of your business, the number of your employees and their individual locations, the tax demands of your state, and your contribution to employee health care insurance. You also get to pay the same price monthly, irrespective of possible changes that may occur within your payroll structure at a later time.

You also need to pay a one-time setup fee along with your first month’s payment. This fee covers setting up your company profile, and onboarding your employees on the platform.

Other Transactions

In addition to the monthly fees paid to use TriNet’s payroll services, you also get charged separately for using some complementary payroll services.

  • Basic workers’ compensation: $5/month
  • Premium workers’ compensation: Custom Pricing
  • Health care benefits: At least 70% of the cheapest plan

Custom Pricing
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TriNet is a prominent all-in-one HR and payroll, solution provider. Founded in California in 1988, TriNet has evolved into a professional employment organization that assists the entities in managing their employees, right from the point of recruitment. Its payroll services are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses and include debit and direct payroll processing.

TriNet also offers an employee management platform, which allows businesses to automatically update employee info upon change. Online W-2 preparation and submission alongside online pay stubs make this software a profitable alternative to manual payroll processing.


  • "Price"
    8 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of USe"
    9 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    7 /10

Features and Functionality

Payroll Processing

If a company needs to reap the benefits of efficient employee management, then its payroll system must be efficient as well. And to enjoy a seamless payroll system without interfering with your cash flow, you need an excellent online payroll processing tool like TriNet.

TriNet affords small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to run their payroll processes online – right from each employee’s onboarding, through to their off boarding. Promotions, health care benefits, retirement income and allowances are also managed on the platform.

Tax Preparation

With TriNet, your business does not have to face the wrath of the law for non-compliance. The program automatically calculates, deducts and remits local, state and federal taxes from every payroll you process on it. It also manages your admin tax papers (such as the W-2 form) to ensure that your business does not lag behind in taxes.

Employees can also modify their profiles including their W-2 forms and status, and the system automatically captures the changes for future use.

Payroll Reporting

In addition to making your payroll process a breeze, TriNet also provides you with well-analyzed reports to give you insight into your payroll process. With these reports, you can clearly understand how items like overtime and employee hours affect your payroll. These reports can also be your business’s basis for sound managerial decisions.

Visual Scheduler

TriNet features a visual scheduler that allows you to monitor your employees’ working timetable on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also generate or modify schedules according to your organization’s scheduling structure.

Total Compensation Statement

TriNet also provides you with a total compensation statement to help you strengthen your employee management. This statement features the entire value of an employee’s compensation including health care and retirement benefits. It gives you insight into your employees’ contributions towards the different sections of their payments as well as your company’s investment in these areas.

Employee Profile Management

With TriNet’s payroll service, each employee has their individual profile and information page. From this page, they can actively monitor their work progress, and also make necessary changes to their personal details. Managers and supervisors can also monitor each employee’s workflow for reporting and accountability purposes.

Integrations & Add-ons

One of the most important features of TriNet is that you never get to run your payroll processes in isolation. You can import your expense data to the TriNet payroll program and also integrate the platform with accounting software like NetSuite and QuickBooks. This integration ensures that your payroll data is always in sync with your financial and accounting operations.

API is also available for users who would love to customize the payroll operations of this software to meet their unique business needs.

Ease of Use

Apart from the initial setup process of this software, which often requires the help of a TriNet representative, its payroll services are easy to use. Upon signing into the software, business owners can immediately spot key indicators on their dashboards and track employee efficiency in real-time. There are also charts and tables through which managers and supervisors can gain quick insights into employees’ work processes.

TriNet is a cloud-based software and does not require any software download or installation before use. However, setting up this program is somewhat tasking, but TriNet assigns specific representatives to help businesses at this point.

This software is also supported on both desktop and mobile devices to allow users to access it at their convenience. You can either access its mobile version (which also features a mobile application) via Android and iOS devices using the updated version of any internet browser.

Customer Support

TriNet offers customer support that is fair compared to its close competitors, it can still make do with some improvements.

  • Phone Support
    There is phone support for users who would rather have their complaints addressed on the spot. TriNet has also recently increased the number of hours during which customers can receive phone support from their representatives.
  • Live Online Chat
    There is also a live chat option on TriNet's website to give users instant help from an online representative.
  • Email
    There is email support for both users and non-users of the software.
  • Blog
    There is a support center from which you can read informative blogs, and enjoy access to business trends and insights.

Final Word

While TriNet does not have a one-size-fits-all price for their payroll services, their custom prices may be more than what most small businesses can afford. However, this high cost is enticingly overshadowed by the numerous features and user-friendly interface of the platform.

With TriNet, you don’t have to leave your business footprint in multiple marketplaces before completing your payroll process. Your business will also not be found wanting in taxes and regulations as the payroll system of this software ensures that your taxes are prepared and remitted accurately. Furthermore, its integration with third-party software also ensures that there are no discrepancies between your payroll and other important financial areas of your business.

The 24/7 customer support service of this software is also worth mentioning. The demo you receive upon request for a quote will help you determine if the service is a good fit for your business or not.

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