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flag Automate your payroll taxes & filings
  • Extensive features including mobile app

  • The only payroll service you’ll ever need

  • COVID-19 Assistance

  • Available on Mobile Devices

Pros & Cons

  • Large range of services included in basic cost
  • Customer support fast and courteous
  • Intuitive user interface and functionalities
  • Contractors & employees have same status in system
  • No international service available
  • No auto payroll option

Plans & Pricing

One of the most attractive parts of OnPay is its one tier pricing package.  The monthly charge combines a flat fee of $40 plus an additional $6 per employee who gets paid that particular month. That’s it.  The services include Full Service Payroll, HR, PTO, Benefits, COVID-19 support as well as high level customer support.  Everything you need to do with the monthly payroll seems to be covered.  This is a big advantage over other payroll software providers which often charge additional fees for various tasks such as number of pay runs per month or annual tax filings.


There is a 30 day trial period during which you can either experience all or some of the features. There is no long term contract commitment. OnPay also had Special Service payroll options for businesses and organizations which sometimes have different tax codes and regulations such as farms, non-profits, churches and more. OnPay has an accuracy guarantee when dealing with the automated tax filings, payments and even when dealing with older records which might be migrated to the system during the initial set up.



OnPay Payroll is a cloud-based application service that provides a comprehensive package of features designed to make time-consuming payroll and bookkeeping tasks easier.  A good deal of the core of OnPay’s options is designed for small businesses but even for medium-sized firms, there are plenty of advantages.


  • "Price"
    10 /10
  • "Features"
    9 /10
  • "Ease of USe"
    9 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9 /10

Features and Functionality

Automatic Pay

OnPay remits all payments automatically – both to the W-2 employees and 1099 contractors as well as to the federal, state and local tax authorities at no extra cost. Paid workers have the option of getting paid via direct deposit, debit card or paper check. There are no additional charges for the number of pay runs per month, cancellations or multi-state payrolls. All of these features make dealing with payroll so much easier, especially for small business owners/managers who are often strapped for time and manpower.


OnPay offers a series of HR tools as part of its basic package. These functions allow the bookkeeper to view important information about each worker such as tracking hours and time off. There are also HR templates available, including offer letters, new hire reporting and more. This dashboard is can be customized and is easily accessible through the vertical menu which is on the screen at all times. It can display pending tasks, vacation requests, which employees are away at any given day and more.

Easy Access

Users can easily access the OnPay software from anywhere in the United States. Everything is cloud based allowing for both desktop and mobile access options. It supports the current versions of most browsers including: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Explorer (version 11 only). Those using older versions of Explorer might have problems with some functionalities.

COVID-19 Updates

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought with it a series of major challenges for small businesses. Special laws and tax codes have been passed allowing for certain benefits and requirements. OnPay incorporates a great deal of information on these emergency regulations which can be accessed through the main menu. This includes such crucial topics as tax deferrals, handling paid leave under corona virus restrictions and more.


Integrations & Add-ons

OnPay can integrate with a slew of third party software which some businesses might already be using or consider adapting in the future. These include accounting software (i.e Quickbooks, XERO), time tracking software (i.e. Tsheets, When I Work) , retirement applications (i.e. Guideline, ABK) and HR & compliance software (i.e. Think HR).  For businesses dealing with agriculture, there’s also the option of integrating with Magnify which focuses on the farming sector.

Ease of Use

The entire setup for OnPay is simple and user friendly. The initial step of importing data seems to be the most complex as there can be quite a lot of information which needs to be transferred. You can ether do it yourself or have OnPay do it for you. If you choose the latter, they will guarantee the accuracy of the imported data.  From that point on, it’s pretty simple. Each employee has their own profile which you can access at any time. When you click on the profile, it gives all of the payroll information you need. Allows you to schedule a payment, including making any changes the payroll manager might need (for example, bonuses, garnishing wages, etc.). OnPay really saves time when dealing with hourly workers whose salary differs every month as all payments, deductions etc. are recalculated each pay cycle.


The interface and dashboards are easy to understand and intuitive. On the left part of the screen there is a vertical menu which allows the user to choose what function they want to use such as workers, payroll, reports, HR etc.  When designing the interface, it seems like they were looking to meet the needs of the layman payroll manger, making everything easy to understand and to make adjustments along the way. The employee portal is also easy to understand allowing workers to input their own personal information, forms such as I-9s etc. while gaining easy access to pay stubs, tax information and more.

Customer Support

OnPay’s support is extremely responsive providing online chat and toll free phone support during business hours. Email support is available in expanded hours on weekdays and on the weekend in case of emergencies. There is also an extensive knowledge center available on the OnPay website.

  • Phone Support
    OnPay has phone support available from 9am-8pm ET on weekdays using a toll free number.
  • Live Online Chat
    Live online chat available from 9am-8pm ET on weekdays.
  • Email
    Available between 7am-8pm ET on weekdays + emergency response to emails on weekends
  • Video Tutorials
    Onpay has a YouTube Channel with video tutorials as well as explainer clips on specific topics
  • FAQ
    OnPay has an extensive knowledge center which allows you to type in a question. The engine then searches for answers based on keywords
  • Blog
    OnPay doesn't have a blog but have a social media presence with frequent posts on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages. These include articles and public responses to various queries.

Final Word

When a small business is considering using payroll software, the cost-benefit is a top concern. There is no doubt that OnPay provides a product which is both easy to operate and understand. The all-included, one tier pricing is also a huge advantage for owners/managers who understand the importance of payroll information and tasks but don’t want get to that level of drilldown of which features will cost them more money. No less important; the highly responsive customer support and extensive knowledge center gives OnPay users the backing they need whenever they run into problems.

All in all, OnPay provides the tools small businesses need to handle their payroll responsibilities easily and efficiently at a very reasonable cost.

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