Rippling Review

flag Run your payroll in 90 seconds
  • Automatic compliance and tax-filing

  • Built for all sizes, from small businesses to large

  • Sync all your systems with payroll

  • Library of pre-built reports

Pros & Cons

  • Premium support
  • Impressive array of integrations
  • Grows with businesses
  • Mobile version of software can be used on the go.
  • Some functions may be beyond the needs of small businesses

Plans & Pricing

Rippling indicates on their websites that users would have to request a custom quote to figure out how much it would cost to use the payroll software. In the request, businesses are to include their business needs and the Rippling service they hope to use.

Under the Rippling platform, users can choose from the Rippling Unity Workforce Platform, the HR Cloud (comprising payroll, benefits, and employee management), and the IT cloud. And small businesses can pay as low as $8 per month to run payroll operations with this business solution. Nevertheless, you are entitled to a 30-minute live demo to help you determine if the software is right for your business. You can also run their video tours to see how each software’s function works.



Rippling is a comprehensive business software that offers businesses a wide range of business solutions. These solutions include payroll, time and attendance, employee and talent management, benefits administration, and learning management. This software also doubles as a PEO system and an app and device management platform for businesses. It is ideal for all business sizes. Its vast features make it scalable in multiple industries and ideal for large businesses.

Rippling was founded in 2016 and launched its first business solution in 2018. With its headquarters in San Francisco and a product development center in Bengaluru, this company currently manages clients’ payrolls worth more than $10 billion. Their IT cloud has also managed more than 30,000 devices from employees across several companies.

In 2020, the company launched an App store where users have access to over 200 business applications that can also be integrated into the software. Then, in 2021, they launched the Rippling Unity platform, where all the system’s products are integrated. And ever since, they have introduced multiple functions and applications to meet the unique needs of businesses.


  • "Price"
    8 /10
  • "Features"
    9 /10
  • "Ease of USe"
    8 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9 /10

Features and Functionality


Rippling allows you to run your payroll processes in as little as 9 minutes. In addition, its payroll setup process is quite straightforward, and you can critically preview each automatically compiled pay run before final approval.

Rippling also makes room for multiple pay schedules for an unlimited number of payrolls within a single period. And an employee can receive two or more pay rates, depending on the number of work schedules they complete with your business. Finally, you can effortlessly make quick modifications to each employee’s pay rate during pay periods at no extra cost.

You can also run Regular, Off-Cycle, Correction, and Termination payrolls across multiple states and countries on this platform. And by logging into your payroll dashboard, you’ll be able to see the status of all your business’s payrolls. This includes the completed payrolls, the ones that are due for approval, and the unsuccessful and archived payrolls.

Insurance and Benefits

Insurance and benefits are as important as salaries and remuneration in the workplace. And it is quite easy for businesses to easily compromise on the quality of benefits they allocate to their employees. This is why Rippling has a comprehensive way of streamlining benefits administration into your payroll operations.

The software avails over 4000 benefits options to business owners, allowing them to select, implement and modify each benefit. With Rippling payroll, you can rest assured that your commuter, 401(k), and health insurance benefits will be promptly completed.

With Rippling’s benefits administration feature, your business can receive expert guidance and advice from RightWay healthcare concierges. These experts provide you with consultation and advisory services on the best health care plan and benefits enrolment for each member of your staff and medical bill management procedures.

Time Tracking

Rippling introduces a fair payment system by ensuring that your employees receive payment for work done in your business. The Rippling time tracking and job code application help you keep track of the duration of your employees’ work and ensure that they commit the agreed number of hours to your business.

This feature also allows you to set up and modify your PTO policy. For example, you can approve time-off requests and have all time data synced with each employee’s payroll with a single click.

Applicant Tracking

With Rippling’s Talent Management features, you can stay on top of your business’s recruitment, onboarding, learning, and engagement processes. For example, a simple click is all you need to post your openings to relevant job boards. Afterward, you can customize your hiring and onboarding processes and efficiently keep your employees updated with your business activities.

Custom Reports

Rippling has several report templates that you can customize to suit your business data. These templates are available for each software module and allow you to produce clear, relevant, and informative reports on your business operations.

Tax and Labor Law Compliance

Rippling ensures that businesses stay compliant with labor and tax laws prevalent in the federal, state, and local constituencies. It automatically calculates and enters payroll taxes (such as I-9s and W-2s) before filing them with relevant bodies.

The system supports businesses with ACA and COBRA administration and management. It also ensures that each pay run adheres to labor and minimum wage regulations prevalent in the region.

Integrations & Add-ons

Rippling allows businesses ample flexibility during use because it allows users to integrate a host of third-party applications on each account. This integration covers over 500 business applications and software across multiple industries.

Rippling also allows an effortless switch between its HR and PEO programs. Instead of the time-consuming data migration that puts your data at risk of loss, you can switch between both programs the same way you turn a light bulb on and off. Your business and payroll data will also be updated automatically on your platform of choice at any given time.

Ease of Use

Rippling has a relatively intuitive setup process that doesn’t require special expertise to be completed. You also have access to a comprehensive setup guide to help you configure the platform for your business. For the first step of this setup, you have to enter your business information and select the Rippling service you are subscribing to.

If you have an existing payroll account with other payroll software, this software allows you to import your previous payroll data seamlessly. This synchronization of payroll, tax, and compliance data is automated and pretty much peculiar to Rippling.

The Rippling dashboard is as intuitive as most other payroll solution dashboards. In addition, however, it affords you easy navigation to any third-party software you integrate with it.

When you log into your Rippling account, you’ll be met with Your To-Do List, comprising your scheduled tasks for a specified period. Below the to-do list are icons of the applications and features you can access based on your payment plan. The icons are also grouped into HR and IT apps. Finally, on the far left corner of the screen, you’d find the menu from which you can navigate to the App Shop, your settings, support, and a host of other functions.

Given the detailed features of this software, it is quite impressive that they have a functional mobile application that allows users to access its functions on the go. This application is accessible to both iOS and Android users. Nevertheless, for better intuitiveness, each function you can access on the mobile app is a more concise version of the desktop version.

Employees can also run self-services like viewing and modifying their payroll and tax information on the mobile application. The platform also allows users to reach out to themselves via calls, emails, and text.

Customer Support

Users of Rippling payroll software enjoy premium support from the company.


Additional resources:

  • Support real-time status showing how long users would have to wait to receive responses from the software’s customer support.
  • Users who opt for benefits administration have access to a healthcare concierge for one-on-one healthcare consultation and guidance.
  • Users also have access to Rippling’s documentation section, where they can review documents for different functions, create and include applications to the store, partner with the software, and give feedback on the performance of each app.

  • Live Online Chat
    Live chat for answers to questions relating to Rippling products or system functionality.
  • Email
    Email support with responses that are faster during working hours.
  • Blog
    A dedicated blog for business information and management tips.

Final Word

Rippling has an impressive array of features compared to a host of other HR software suitable for small businesses. So, if you run a small business without an in-company HR professional, this software would do you just fine. Its vast functions and integrations, customer support, and one-on-one concierge services would comfortably equate to the expertise of a professional.

This software is also an ideal option for you if you run a mid-sized business or if your business is on the verge of a transition. Its features are detailed yet robust enough to scale with your business. You’ll have no trouble completing your pay runs, even if you manage a large crowd of employees. Nevertheless, you’ll have to try the live demo or take a video tour through the software to be double sure that it meets your business needs.

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