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flag Accessible flat pricing
  • Enterprise-grade data security

  • Easy self-onboarding

  • Intuitive self-service platform

  • 24/7 customer service

Pros & Cons

  • Transparent pricing
  • Premium global employment and payroll service
  • Multiple currency payments
  • Intuitive self-service platform
  • Can be complex for small businesses

Plans & Pricing

Remote provides payroll services to its users via different plans: Employer of Record, Contractor Management, and Global Payroll and Benefits. In addition, there are unique plans dedicated to startups, non-profits, and refugee employers.

Employer of Record

This plan starts at $299 on annual billing for US, Canadian, Irish, and UK users. Users from other countries get to pay $699 and $599 respectively for monthly and yearly billing.

On the Employer of Record plan, users can onboard, manage, and securely pay employees and contractors in countries where they have no entities. They can also get to receive support from local legal experts and HR, as well as enticing benefits that are unique to every of your employee’s countries. The invention and Intellectual Property rights are also protected on this plan.

This plan also allows businesses to have as many system admins as they want, 24/7 operations and customer support, and an automated legal compliance system.

Contractor Management

This plan allows you to onboard your contractors at no cost. Upon signing up for this plan, all you need to do is ask your contractors to sign up on Remote. Afterward, they can send you invoices, and you can approve them with a single click. Remote will complete the payments to each contractor at your scheduled time.

This plan automates the process of onboarding contractors and paying contractors (even in local currencies and at zero charges) and securely managing their contract files. You also get to enjoy IP and invention rights security, 24/7 support from Remote’s customer reps, and automated legal compliance.

Global Payroll & Benefits

The Global Payroll and Benefits, also known as Remote’s premium plan, features the peak of Remote’s payroll services at customized rates. In addition to the full features of the Employer of Record plan, this plan provides users with custom business reports. These reports include employee and contractor reports, tax compliance reports, and general status reports.

This plan allows multinational companies to centralize their payroll system across multiple nations. And this centralization does not only make payroll seamless. It also reduces costs for your business and ensures that you do not flout local payroll regulations where you have entities.

Special Plans

The business also offers two specialized plans. The ‘Remote for Good’ plan is ideal for non-profits needing an affordable platform for onboarding, paying, and managing their staff and contractors. On this plan, you get to enjoy a 25% discount off the Employer of Record plan for ten employees, free contractor management, and an opportunity to create exposure for your non-profit cause on Remote’s website.

The ’Remote for Startups’ plan is unique for startups, and it allows users to enjoy two free months and a free EOR service for their first employee. You also get to enjoy IP and invention rights protection as well as free onboarding for your contract staff.

Finally, the ‘Remote for Refugees’ plan allows businesses to hire refugee talents in countries where Remote has entities. Users of this plan are charged $0 provided they use the plan’s promo code available on Remote’s website.

Other Charges

One outstanding feature of Remote Global Payroll is that no hidden charges are imposed. You get charged transparently for the services you enjoy. You can choose from the monthly or annual (at 14% discount per month) billing options.

Nevertheless, in addition to your monthly/annual billing, Remote charges you a security deposit. This deposit serves to cover the cost incurred during contract termination, as well as the difference between invoice values and actual payment values for your employees. However, you will receive a refund of this amount at the end of each employee’s employment period.


Security Deposit: 10% of each employee’s annual gross salary

Employer of Record
Contractor Management
Global Payroll & Benefits
Custom Pricing


Remote is a global payroll service platform that helps the business of all sizes in hiring and paying the top talent. While the majority of the benefits can be extracted by large, multinational enterprises, it offers a comprehensive range of solutions that address the need of all businesses. The company was founded in 2019 and has since then evolved into a trusted provider of global payroll management services.


  • "Price"
    8.5 /10
  • "Features"
    9.5 /10
  • "Ease of USe"
    9 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9 /10

Features and Functionality

Global HR Operations

The Remote HR solution helps you manage employee recruitment and assessment by ensuring that your hiring process tallies with international employment procedures. Remote also enables you to eliminate the challenges that may be limiting your company’s ability to hire globally for you to develop more competitive employment packages and maintain inclusion, diversity, and equity.

With this solution, you can very quickly onboard your employees and contractors; and manage their invoice approvals, salaries, and time offs without disobeying the tax and labor laws of the country in question. You can also automate your business’s benefits administration to ensure that your employees’ satisfaction is never compromised.

The Remote consultation team also helps you understand the employment options available in different countries and how these options affect your ability to hire labor.

Payroll Services for Global Employees

Remote collaborates with leading HR specialists, payroll service providers, accountants, and local law attorneys in every country to ensure that your business is well-represented in each location. As such, each payroll service rendered to your international employees will be according to the laws prevalent in their countries of residence.

Compliance with Local Laws

Remote ensures that you never have to deal with tax and labor law compliance issues irrespective of the country you decide to hire from. Remote’s tax and compliance team helps you analyze the tax environment of your proposed country, as well as their labor and business laws.

This analysis will help you understand the effects employing from a given country would have on your employees’ benefits, your stock credibility, and your business as a whole.

Invention and Intellectual Property Rights Protection

In countries where you employ workers but do not own a legal entity, Remote protects your inventions and intellectual properties.

Employee Relocation

If you need to hire digital nomads or have your employees move from one location to another, Remote can provide relevant migratory information. A consultation team takes the responsibility of examining different countries and their respective immigration regulations. You also get valuable insights into each country’s employment, visa, and tax regulation before relocating your employees.

Contractor Management

With Remote, you can manage your contractors, approve their invoices and complete their payments in a few clicks. This platform also allows you to securely store contracts and employment documents for the duration of each employee’s employment period.

Furthermore, Remote stands as an entity to defend you against false claims by contractors who either claim to be employees or are misclassified by their country’s laws and regulations.

Integrations & Add-ons

As much as Remote provides you with premium payroll and employee management services, it also wants to ensure that your entire business process is streamlined. You don’t get to ditch the solutions and products you already love. As a result, this service enables you to integrate a wide range of other business software and products. You can also generate revenue from referring your clients and contractors to Remote.

With these integrations, you can easily export your employees’ and contractors’ details from your system into Remote. You can also share relevant information across the different platforms in real-time and automate task allocation and assessment for your employees.

Remote’s API allows users to develop task-specific applications within the system’s framework. These applications ease the  data management process. API also allows you to easily connect your employees and contractors to the products they are accustomed to without the need for multiple software setups.

Ease of Use

Remote Payroll features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that ensures that your entire payroll processes are completed seamlessly. Firstly, setting up a Remote account is as simple as opening a Facebook account, except you won’t have to upload any pictures.

Upon clicking on the ‘Get Started’ option, you’ll need to indicate the kind of service you need: to pay international employees or to pay contractors. Your selection will make your setup pretty much more streamlined for the type of service you need.

After selecting your purpose for signing up with Remote, you only need to enter your name, company email, and password. You can also indicate if your company has a promotional code; afterward, click on ‘create an account.’ Once you confirm your email and enter other details of your business, then you’re ready to use this payroll platform to manage your workforce globally.

Customer Support

In the effort to support users that supplement their premium payroll services, Remote boasts the following customer support platforms:

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    24/7 phone support for both current and potential users.
  • Phone Support
    Phone support is available 24/7
  • Email
    Email support is available
  • FAQ
    An all-encompassing FAQs section on their website.
  • Blog
    An educative blog for businesses

Final Word

In summary, Remote is an excellent HR and payroll solution for businesses that intend to have their footprint in several countries. Its features are all-encompassing, and its API and integrations make it a complete employee management suite. It is equally easy to use and will not require any form of training for setup. Hence, it is an absolute yes for your business if you can afford its rates and exhaustively put its features to good use.

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